Sexism in the makeup industry

Imagine spending years of your life looking for something that’s more than a job, more than a career even. Something that speaks from within and finds you. Now imagine after you find this thing, you are looked down upon as less than equal. Not because of your capabilities or skill set, but because of your sexual reproductive organs. In other words,… imagine being discriminated against because you are a male in the makeup industry.

Many may chuckle at that. A guy complaining about sexual discrimination. Some may say it even serves me right, that a guy gets to see how a woman feels. A part of me even agrees with those possibilities, but I ask; why me? I’ve created an eyelash brand (The Queen of Lashes) predicated on making every woman feel beautiful, with or without lashes. And whole heartedly believe that if you teach a woman, then you teach a nation.

So imagine my surprise when I found myself defending my decision to create an eyelash brand. I heard many different lines: “What do guys know about lashes”, “you can’t do that”, “I don’t know if I could buy lashes from a guy”, “why would I buy lashes from you?” Still, I persisted and created the brand, and it started to grow. Quickly reaching both coasts and Canada, it was amazing. After a while, I decided to take the leap and reveal that a male is the founder of the brand.

Seeming one of the worse decisions for the brand to date. I watched a tremendous decline in sales and website visits. Customers who once praised the lashes, were telling me they would never buy from me again.

Through it all, The Queen of Lashes will continue. I’m far from okay with my perspective of the treatment, but I believe it will make the brand better. It took two years to find our current distributor as my expectations are high: Must have a US located distribution site, actively attend major IBS shows, and have been awarded for the craftsmanship of their lashes.

From there I created price points that fits every budget. All lashes are either $5, $10, or $15. Vegan faux mink lashes, mink lashes, and 3D mink lashes all crafted to  exude elegance and quality with lashes that provide volume in a natural or dramatic look; the choice is yours



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