To hell with eyelash extensions

To hell with eyelash extensions! Mink, silk, or other. To hell with them all. This craze has gone on long enough, and I for one is speaking up. When they first came out, they were the best thing since sliced bread. No more having to apply your lashes every day and so on. But, as with everything… You all have taken it too far.

Don’t you just hate when someone take false lashes off wrongly, then blame the lash for them losing their lashes? No? Well maybe it’s just me. That’s not the worse part, they go over to eyelash extensions and end up putting 50 extensions on each lash follicle. THAT’S NOT HOW IT WORKS! THAT’S NOT HOW ANY OF THIS WORK! I wonder what their excuses are when they lose their lashes from extensions.

Okay my rant is over. The remainder of this article is will explain just why we should say to hell with eyelash extensions.

1.       Too many extensions per follicle

a.       Your eyelashes are not meant to take that much weight.

                                                               i.     Your eye tech will tell you that lashes falling out is normal, this is true. However, the speed in which your eyelash follicles fall out is a NO, NO!

2.       $100 plus dollars?

a.       Maybe it’s just me, but spending that kind of money on lashes that prohibit your from truly enjoying life is crazy. After spending all that money, follicles can fall out the next day. Speaking of…

3.       Always need a feel in…

a.       No matter what, you have no control as to when your follicles fall out, or your extensions come off. The point of any lash is to be perfection at every moment.

4.       One size does not fit all

a.       Lashes are an accessory and therefore must be switched according to your outfit. No pair of shoes go with every outfit, like no eyelash go with every outfit or occasion.

This article is brought to you by The Queen of Lashes – a leader in the mink eyelash industry.


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