How to become an ambassador or influencer?

With the continued success of Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat the marketing industry has changed completely. There was a time when the way to success was to have a celebrity as a sponsor and the sales would just roll in. Now you can get more sales with a Instagram influencer over a well known celebrity. With that fact, the need for influencers or ambassadors have sky rocketed. Now the common question we receive here at Queen of Lashes is, how do I become an ambassador? I’ll explain how a business looks for influencers.

The first and most-important point of becoming an ambassador is influence. In other words, when you post do your followers engage with your posts. This goes beyond the number of likes. Comments, and tagging friends is king when it comes to influence. So first thing first, your followers need to be active and not a bunch of ghost followers.

Second that comes into play is the number of likes in relationship to number of hashtags used. This is one that goes overlooked often. The logic is simple, when you use a ton of hashtags, your post has the opportunity of being seen by a lot more people, hence more like typically.

Okay, so you have active followers, that engage with every post. You also have a high like to hashtag ration. So now what? Well, now it is time to learn your followers. This is easiest on Instagram when you turn a page from personal to business. Instagram gives you all the statistics such as the percentage of followers by sex, city, age, country, etc. Knowing your followers makes it easier for you to target companies and further explain how you can add value to them.

Finally we have the final thing that can literally make or break an ambassador, content. What you post is a factor that is unable to be overlooked by the company or the ambassador. Take us at The Queen of Lashes as an example. All or of our ambassadors primarily post about makeup, or something similar. The reason why is because is that’s the market in which our brand is a part of. A person could have 1 million followers and the most engagement we have ever seen, but if they only post about car followers, then their followers are primarily looking for exactly that.

The secret to becoming an ambassador is to know your followers and yourself. You then use those facts to covey a compelling reason to company as to why you are an asset that is worth the free things, or money.



  1. Influence, Influence, Influence- you must have engagement to show your influence
  2. Likes vs. hashtags- when you don’t have to post a bunch of hashtags to get likes, then you exude influence.
  3. Content is king- look for companies similar to your content that compliments with what your followers want or need.

This article was brought to you by The Queen of Lashes.


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