The future of Mink Lashes

Ever growing in the world of makeup has been Mink Eyelashes. Could it be their completely natural look or their ability to last multiple uses? It’s probably a mix of those reasons plus many more. Either way, mink lashes are here to increase in demand soon.

If you haven’t kept up with the latest trends of the past few years, let me fill you in. The natural look and the accessories associated with that look are here to stay for a while. Mink faux eyelashes gives you that look with an added oomph! If you have been keeping up with trends, then you are already familiar with my perspective.

Let’s start with the coloring component of the mink lash. Being that mink eyelashes are grown from real hair burrows, they give a natural color and luster. Synthetic lashes are easy to notice. They are too dark and have a shine that makes them look like plastic.

The curl at the tips are more relaxed. With synthetic lashes the curl tips is stiff at the end. A slight thing most overlook, but when grouped in an entire lash it’s painfully obvious. Each blink of your eye looks robotic, stiff, and overly exaggerated. Mink lashes gives you that hypnotizing blink that you see in the movies.

A great thing about mink eyelashes is their durability. They can be washed and/or reused quite a few times. This means one thing, THEY LASTTTTT! Not only can your eyes get the attention they deserve, but you can do it over and over again.

Queen of Lashes is a brand staying on top of the eyelash trend. Their platform is a new way to get quality mink eyelashes delivered to your door with a presentation like no other. Simply choose your style and the quantity, then become the queen of lashes. The best lashes at great rates.

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